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In this program your dog becomes a member of my household for training. The standard amount of time is 4-6 weeks. Your dog will learn all the Basic Obedience commands which include Heel, Sit, Down, Stay and Come. Your dog will also learn very important house manners. House manners may vary depending on the owners personal needs and lifestyle. Some examples are a “Wait” at all doors. That means no rushing out of any door! Yay! No jumping on people. No sniffing counter tops or taking food that isn’t theirs. No jumping on the furniture. Your dog will learn to respect house boundaries as well as any other manners you feel are important for your lifestyle. Your dog will be taught a Pillow Send and Stay. That means he will go to his pillow on command and stay there till you say he can get off. This is a wonderful tool that can be used whenever you want your dog inside but out of trouble. All these commands are taught by me while your dog is living in my home. Once your dog is ready to return to you it will be necessary that you keep up with daily training drills so that leadership may transfer from the Trainer to the Owner. Homework will be provided and follow-up lessons arranged. 

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