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Private lessons are great for tackling the problems where they happen. You are taught one-on-one according to your needs and goals. Private lessons are scheduled to your convenience on a  week to week basis. You will see dramatic, positive changes in your dog as early as the first lesson.


Basic Obedience & Manners  (4-6 Private Lessons)

This Program is for dogs 4 months and older. The programs consists of  customized one-hour private lessons in your home. Solving problem behaviors such as jumping, chewing and barking will be taught. Other commands  include: Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come when called, Pillow Stays, Leave it, Wait & Leadership Training for the family.

Intermediate & Advanced Obedience (6 Privates lessons)

This program builds on the commands learned in Basic Obedience. New skills include : Control at a distance, Focus around high level distractions, Off-Leash control.

Puppy Pre-School (4 Private lessons)

This important program is for puppies up to 4 months old. This period is the most critical time for puppies to learn good socialization and coping skills. If proper training and socialization occur now, you could avoid many undesired behaviors in the future. During this program you will learn the best ways to introduce your new puppy to his new environment. Potty Training, Crate Training, Bite Inhibition , Introduction to the leash and other basic commands will be covered.

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