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The New Puppy Store

Chihuahua Shopping

Confinement Training

Prevent Behavior and Potty mishaps by teaching your pup boundaries. These tools will help you control your puppies movement until he/she is ready for full house privileges.

Crate/Kennel Training Aids & Accessories

These items can help make your puppy training a lit bit easier. Your puppy will feel extra comfortable and cozy!

Are you a New Puppy Parent? Congratulations!

Puppies can bring so much Joy, Love, and Laughter to your life! As a new puppy parent the top three things you will want to focus on for the first month will be 1)Potty Training, 2)Bite Inhibition, and 3)Socialization

Below is a list of my tried and true favorite products. Through 27 years of Dog Training experience I have gone through A LOT of different brands/products. And now I would like to share (in my opinion) The Best of the Best stuff with you! Here are my favorite "Must Have" items to start off on the right Paw!

My Favorite Puppy Toys

Here are a few of my favorite Puppy Toys. Keep them busy and safe with these high quality interactive toy choices.

Favorite Puppy Chews and Training Treats

Those Sharp little teeth need to chew! Here are a few of my favorite highly recommended Chewys and Training treats to get you started.

Car Safety Equipment

Protect your puppy as well as your loved ones in the car. Always Buckle Up or Crate your puppy when traveling in the car. These items will help keep everyone in the car safe!

 Grooming Equipment

Begin good habits by introducing your puppy to grooming and handling early.Distract your puppy by laying treats on the floor as you brush them. This will reward and reinforce good grooming experiences.

Puppy Pre-School Training Equipment

Here is a list of my Early Puppy Training Tool Favorites. Help your puppy be a fast learner by getting a head start with Manners and Obedience.

My Current Favorite Dog food And Supplements

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